Pag-ibig Housing in Davao City

How to avail a Pag-ibig housing loan in Davao City, PhilippinesPag-ibig financing is one of the financing options a home buyer may choose from upon purchasing real estate in Davao City and in other parts of the Philippines. This financing option is probably the most popular among Filipinos since it has longer payment terms and lower interest rates. Moreover, it is an accepted fact that only a few Filipinos can afford spot cash and short term payments in buying real estate. This Davao Real Estate post is a guide for home buyers searching for Pag-ibig housing in Davao City and Pag-ibig Fund in general.

First of all, note that not all developers/subdivisions in Davao City accept Pag-ibig financing. If it’s a low cost housing in Davao City, then Pag-ibig housing is accepted. Some middle class subdivisions accept Pag-ibig financing, too. High-end development projects, however, do not.

If you want to avail a housing loan through Pag-ibig, first thing to do is to become a Pag-ibig member. According to Pag-ibig, a member should have contributed at least 24 months (2 years) worth of contribution before being allowed to loan a house or real property through them.

What housing loans are available for Pag-ibig members?

A Pag-ibig member may avail a financing loan to buy a residential lot (not more than 1,000 sq.m), a house and lot, a condominium unit/townhouse, house construction, house improvement, refinancing of an existing mortgage with a Pag-ibig acceptable institution, and combination of loans. To learn about this in detail, please visit the official Pag-ibig website.

Am I eligible to avail a Pag-ibig housing loan?

Yes, if you are able to satisfy the following:

  • A Pag-ibig member for at least 24 months and has contributed not less than 24 monthly Pag-ibig contributions
  • Must  be 65 years old and below upon the application of Pag-ibig housing loan; and not more than 70 upon the maturity of the said loan.
  • Is legally capable of acquiring real estate in the Philippines
  • Must not have any outstanding loans through Pag-ibig
  • Must not have availed a Pag-ibig housing loan that was canceled, foreclosed, bought back due to default, or subjected to dacion en pago
  • In case of having an existing multi-purpose loan, payments must be updated upon the application of the housing loan

Some subdivisions that accept Pag ibig housing Davao City

Model house at a subdivision in Mintal - low cost housing in Davao CityThis unit is still under construction. Affordable Davao houses for sale and for construction.Actual Pictures at Elenita Heights, a low cost housing in Davao that offers affordable houses for sale and for construction.Check out Low Cost Housing in Davao City, Philippines.

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    looking for housing loan or assume can i avail im here in japan?

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Annielyn! Please check your email. Thanks :)

      • hi,im not a pag ibig member but i want to avail this property,im ofw,but i did not process yet my pag ibig,if i will process now it takes year before i can avail,,.it has another options so that i can avail??thanks

        • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

          Hello Ms. Criz, there are other financing options available for non-Pagibig members. Pwede kayo thru in-house or bank financing. If thru in-house financing, usually up to 10 years to pay (depende sa subdivision). If thru bank naman, usually up to 20 years to pay. May relatives.representative ba kayo dito? We can assist them in the processing. Which subdivision do you like?

  2. Adnan Cusain says:

    I’m a government employee on a temporary status of appointment…Can I avail for pagibig housing loan? I’m a pagibig member…tnx!

  3. I’m interested in buying a place at Priscilla Estate. Is there a way I could avail it thru Pag-IBIG financing?

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Mirey,

      Unfortunately, Priscilla Estate does not accept Pag-ibig financing. You can try the other subdivisions listed above.

      Btw, please check your email. Thanks.

  4. Knaths Arriola says:

    I am interested in yumi model house of bambo estate. how could I avail from Pag-ibig. I am a seaman
    and a member og pag-ibig..

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Mr. Knats Arriola,

      Yes, you can avail a house and lot package at Bambu Estate Subdivision thru Pag-ibig financing. I’ve sent you an email. Pakicheck lang po. Thank you!

  5. Dennis Duot says:

    hi ms.

    can i avail a pag-ibig housing loan even if i have few months were i havent paid my contributions?if i am going to count all my contributions it reaches 24 months. how can i apply for a pag-ibig housing loan at samantha homes in bago gallera?i wanted to apply for there low cost housing offer which has only 2,500 month amorthization?maam can u recommend any financing institution with very minimal interest and long term schemes were in i can borrow for the processing and equity that the developer requires in samantha?they are requiring quite a big amount.. i am currently working in a quite big company but my salary wouldnt compensate a one time big payment…thanks

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Mr. Duot, unfortunately, sold out na po ang Samantha Homes.
      > Yes, you can still avail a Pag-ibig loan, you just need to update your account by continuing your monthly contribution.
      > Pag-ibig offers the longest payment terms.
      > What about Deca Homes? The equity in this subdivision is P15,000 only. Learn more about Deca Homes by clicking here

  6. Dear,
    i am ofw from jeddah saudi arabia, how can i avail this loan. i am working here as an IT in of one the biggest company here in KSA.

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Faizal,
      Are you a Pag-ibig member? If you are, the requirement is 2 years. Kapag umabot na ng 2 years ang membership ninyo sa Pag-ibig, pwede na kayo mag-avail ng housing loan :)

  7. Hi Hannah ,

    I am looking for a house which compel PAG-IBIG financing scheme. I am doing this for a friend who works abroad so probably I am at held as representative trustee. She works (12yrs.) and own some properties in Manila and possibly her status state in PAG-IBiG is quite in good shape.

    She seek for a residential house and lot in which concerns the ff:

    * water and electric facilities

    * accessibility thru market, transportation and near airport but not so an outskirt area to live

    * quality of neighborhood pls.

    * clean title

    * 150-200 sqm.

    * 1.7M – 2.5M

    * 2 storey house with veranda or lanai

    * semi-fully furnished

    * ready for occupancy ( but willing to have it renovated )

    * can be plus factor if the master’s bedroom has its own room with bathtub

    I hope you can be of help. Salamat kau.

    ps. she wants to acquired a n item more or less before the year ends.

    by all means,


    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Mg,

      There are house and lot packages in Davao within the price range that you have provided above but not semi-furnished. Bihira lang po ang may ready for occupancy here in the city kasi “for construction” ang trend dito, as well as the other major cities in the Philippines. For example, once the buyer has paid the equity, the construction of his/her house shall start. If you are looking for ready for occupancy houses, we have some but they are outside the budget of your friend.

      Thanks and I hope this helps :)

  8. hello!

    Im an ofw here in dubai and been a pagibig member last year.i wanted to avail loan for personal reasons but I had heard that only pagibig members who have continous contribution for 24 months can avail the loan,which i didnt this true?and is there any option that i can avail loan?

    Thanks and best regard,

    • DavaoPropertyFinder says:

      Hello Ms. Grace,

      How long have you been a Pag-ibig member? Yes, as per Pag-ibig requirements, you need to have contributed for at least 24 months to avail a Pag-ibig loan. But if you have already paid for at least 12 months, you have the option to pay the other 12 months in “lumpsum”. This means babayaran ninyo ng buo ang second year para maging eligible kayo for a Pag-ibig loan :)

      Anong subdivision ang nagustuhan ninyo?

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