Bambu Estate Subdivision

This is sample aerial view of Bambu Estate Subdivision | Housing Project, Mintall, Davao City.

About Bambu Estate Subdivision

Bambu Estate, a low cost to middle class housing in Davao City that offers affordable Davao houses for sale and for construction. Situated along the national highway in Mintal, this quality project of Kisan Lu Lands, gives you comfort, style, and convenience.

If you are looking for a low cost/middle class housing in Davao City, Bambu Estate might be the one for you. This subdivision project offers affordable house and lot packages and convenience for you and your family. Since it’s just located along the road, public transportation is never a problem – with a 24-hour public transport servicing to and from the area to downtown Davao and other areas. Another great thing about this housing project is the fact that the houses here can be availed through Pag-ibig financing, which means that the house and lot packages can be up to 30 years to pay.

Bambu Estate Subdivision Project Summary

Location: Mintal, Davao City
Total Land Area:
Offered for Sale: House and Lot Package
Package Price: Php1,900,000 to Php5,900,000
Price per SQM:
Financing Options: Pag-ibig | In-house | Bank
Lot Area: 150 to 180 square meters
Floor Area: 40.38 to 72.78sqaure meters
Bedrooms: 2 to 4
Bathrooms: 1 to 3
Owner/Developer: Kisan Lu Lands and Dev't., Inc.

Payment Schemes for Bambu Estate Subdivision

Hana Standard/Deluxe & Yumi Standard/Deluxe: Php50,000
Yumi Midcost, Aiko, Nori, & Maki: Php100,000
(reservation fee will be deducted from the downpayment)

Spot Cash: (30 days): 3% discount
Deferred Cash:  (3 months to pay): less 2% monthly payment
Pag-ibig Financing
Equity payable up to 24mons. @ 0% int.
Balance/Loanable amount payable up to 30 years
In-house financing
20% downpayment payable up to 24mos. @ 0% int.
80% balance payable up to 10 years

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Bambu Estate Subdivision Photos

House and Lot Packages at Bambu Estate Subdivision

House Model: HANA>

Hana Standard(without tiles and cabinets) – Php1,800,000
*Down Payment: Php48,333.33/month (12 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php9,414.08/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)
Hana De Luxe (with tiles and cabinets) – Php1,950,000
*Down Payment: Php56,833.33/month (12 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php9,800.30/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)
Learn more about Hana House – Bambu Estate

House Model: YUMI

Yumi Standard (without tiles and cabinets) – Php2,100,000
*Down Payment: Php55,583.33/month (12 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php11,127.93/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)
Yumi De Luxe (with tiles, cabinets, & sliding doors) – Php2,250,000
*Down Payment: Php61,666.67/month (12 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php911,747.49/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)
Yumi Midcost  (with tiles and cabinets / located in the millionaire’s row) – Php2,500,000
*Down Payment: Php25,972.22/month (36 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php11,787.72/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)

Learn more about Yumi House – Bambu Estate

Bambu Estate Subdivision - Aiko House

House Model: AIKO


*Down Payment: Php32,250/month (36 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php16,406.26/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)

Learn more about Aiko House – Bambu Estate

Bambu Estate Nori House and Lot Package

House Model: NORI

*Down Payment: Php83,666.67/month (36 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php15,995.90/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)

Learn more about Nori House – Bambu Estate

House Model: MAKI

*Down Payment: Php92,861.11/month (36 months @ 0% int.)
*Balance: Php18,964.96/month thru Pag-ibig financing (30 years)

Learn more about Maki House – Bambu Estate

Bambu Estate Subdivision Location

Please allow at most 24 hours for one of our agents to respond to your inquiry (we get hundreds daily ^^ ). You may also contact our sales and marketing head via the mobile numbers provided below.

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